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Partner for Industrial Automation and Process Solution.

State of the Art design, build and intergration of advanced automation for customer arround the globe.

We are your Partner of Choise

design and functions combined together

For over 70 years, our company has built up extraordinary competence in the fields of model & jig manufacturing and automation, making us a renowned partner for the various industries worldwide .

Local Presence and Global Strengths

The company Bucher was founded in 1947.We have since developed into a recognized partner of the automotive, aircraft and automation industry. Today are one of the most well-known medium-sized family businesses, with a permanent staff of approx. 350 employees Worldwide.

Emil Bucher GmbH & Co.KG , Eislingen Germany Headquarter

Bucher USA Inc. , Georgia, Michigan , California

Staufen Engineering, Donzdorf Germany
Engineering and Development for automotive, aerospace and automation.

BOB Engineerimng GmbH, Hamburg Germany
Design & Engineering Aerospace Industry.

Staufen Business IT, Donzdorf Germany
Softweare development

Bucher Design & Production , Sibiu Romania

Bucher Zhangjiakou China

Customer & Partner

We have been working with our global Partner in different industries for many years.



New or  imtegration of stand alone to full automated automation.


From structural test device ,assembly jigs to large transport cradle.


Turn-Key projects for Body-in-White  and Manufacturing.

Model & Prototyp

conceptual design, development and manufacture of equipment prototypes