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Test Equipment & Jigs

The data control model is the physical display of the series data for the “interior” or “exterior” surface of the vehicle on a 1:1 scale. It is used to verify the CAD data, to display and optimize the optical effect and to assess the producibility.
The control equipment is used for the functional test and the optical analysis. Production of a portion of the body using aluminum block material (NC-milled) to display the arrangement of a trim strip including all of the attachment points.

The profile gauge and alignment gauge are used for testing directly at the point of development. The spectrum ranges from a simple visual inspection of whether all holes were stamped to the evaluation with digital sensors.
Sheet metal parts are analyzed and joined in the master jig.
The sheet metal parts are mounted in accordance with the mounting and attachment concepts of the series production parts. The adjustability of the mounts corresponds to that of the production installation. As a result, the analysis can be performed outside of production and the results can be implemented faster in the series production equipment.
The functional cubing is used as a reference to check supplier parts. There is a high degree of dimensional accuracy thanks to the milling production of the vehicle surfaces. Disruptive influences such as inexact sheet metal parts are prevented as a result of mounting series production parts with total dimensional accuracy. A fast and precise statement on the test part is thus possible. The assessment is performed along the lines of the perception of the vehicle buyer. The cubing can be carried out separately or combined for the exterior and the interior.